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Founded in 1992 by Peter Creager III, Atlantic Nationwide Transportation Services, Inc. has made it through good times and bad in this industry by simply adhering to one principle, COMMITMENT. As our customer, ANTS is committed to satisfying your goals and needs. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure the job is done completely and entirely.


Atlantic Nationwide Transportation Services, Inc. offers services that cover nearly every facet of transportation and logistics. The mission of A.N.T.S is to continually expand and improve our services to meet and exceed customer requirements, and accommodate their evolving growth and success. If you are uncertain about which method of transportation may be most timely or cost effective, contact the A.N.T.S office and let 30+ years of experience go to work for you.


Our Drop Deck and Haul Away Division is the backbone of the ANTS fleet. A specially designed trailer with portable loading ramps allows us to transform a drop deck into a Haul Away trailer. This enables us to provide those customers who ship wheeled vehicles as well as those customers who need a drop deck for height and/or oversized shipping requirements for freight.


Our versatility does not end there. We also specialize in Flat Bed, Heavy Haul, Vans & Refrigerated trailers, Warehousing Services and more! Contact Us today for a free rate quote!